Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Follow your dreams!

Every now and then I'll stumble across some inspirational quotes, which are always fun to read but I don't understand why they always seem to have a common theme that is more or less the same:
"Everyone will tell you that you can't do it. But you can blah blah blah."
Lies. I've never met anyone that told me I can't succeed. In fact people almost always tend to grossly overestimate my abilities and convince me that I'm the most talented freak on the planet and that I cannot possibly fail no matter what.

I can't imagine any parent or spouse or whatever that would consciously be all up in your face like
"What's that, sweetheart? You want to be an astronaut? Well give up because YOU SUCK!! Time for dinner."
I imagine that if I ever did meet such a person, they would look a lot like this:

But you should never judge someone by their looks. And yes I did just draw that with my mouse. It's hard! Sheesh.

In fact it seems as though there's a strange correlation between the amount of marketable skills involved in your goals and dreams and the amount of encouragement you get from people telling you to pursue said dreams.

I've made a chart to help illustrate the point:

Anywho, as it turns out, I got accepted into the graduate film scoring program at USC, which is arguably the best film program in the world. A lot of work. A lot of money. I'll let you know if I become famous.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mexican kids

I don't think there's anything that makes me feel like a bigger loser than when I'm chatting with someone online, and I'm giving it 100% of my attention when it's obvious that they might be giving it like 13% at most.

I'll respond immediately to them and then literally sit there and stare at the chat box for like 4 minutes waiting for them to respond. Finally they'll type something minimal and obligatory and then I'll be like
"Oh good I'm so glad you wrote back!! Ha ha! I had my doubts but I knew you cared!!"
After about 30 minutes of this I'll realize that chatting was always intended to be a low-commitment form of communication and should be done alongside other tasks. Then I'm good. Until the next day when it starts all over again. I forget everything at night and start with a clean slate each day.

I was showing some peeps a few pics of the ol' mish tonight and I thought I would make your day by showing you why Mexican kids are awesome. If you don't like these pictures then you are a cold-hearted old hag and should be destroyed. Enjoy!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another piece of my childhood ruined.

You wanna' know what I miss?

I miss this jingle used in Big Red commercials in the late 80's:

It's a wonderful song, full of happiness. And awesomeness. Which was very rare for that particular time period.

I mean, really, most of what that decade produced was only useful as part of an emergency purging method for those who call Poison Control after drinking ammonia.

So, given the context, this song deserves extra fame and glory.

And then Verizon somehow got their filthy rotten hands on it and ruined everything for me:

Honestly. Why must there be such terrible people alive in the world today? Crawl back into your holes and stop ruining my childhood, you shameful little ogres.