Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hey, sup ya'll?

I'm just waiting for the day when someone writing the "terms of agreement" for something decides to sneak in a little line that says "You will give me your first-born child. And his first born too."

And then he'll start receiving all sorts of babies in the mail and he'll be like, "Ooookay. Crap."

No one ever reads those. I tried to read one once, and I'm convinced that they purposefully try to make them as long and wordy and ultimately meaningless as they possibly can. Seriously. Why don't they make a summary or something?

There should be a sub-section stating "since we know you won't read any of this before clicking the 'agree' button, at least be informed that we now own your soul."

Speaking of summaries, I am not going to write one about what's been happening in my life since the last time I posted. Nor shall I apologize for not posting lately because I'm not sorry! Bwa ha ha. Eat that for breakfast!!

On a side note, not that there's really a center note here, it's a beautiful day in LA. As was yesterday, and the day before, and tomorrow, and the day after. We need a snow storm.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I only listen to Horrorcore Rap

There are way too many genres of music out there nowadays. It is literally impossible to keep up with.

And I hate when people make up their own genre of music and then treat you like you're some uncultured pigme for not knowing what it is. Like today I read a listing on the Film Music Network of someone looking for some "Rocktonica."

I don't understand why someone would put up an ad looking for music, and expect to get what they want when they only describe it using words that they invented themselves. I mean, that one's not even on the Wikipedia list of music genres, which has literally thousands of made-up words that are completely useless.

Some of these "genres" of music are so ridiculously specific that they can only possibly describe one single song. You change one of the chords and it's no longer "Glitch" or "Gnawa" or "Goa Trance," but is now known as "Glam Punk." Conveniently those were all in the G section. I didn't feel like doing any real research here.

But you just change one instrument and it has crossed the void from some stupid sub-section of Country to some sub-section of Pop. And what is "pop"? No one really knows.

all brings me to one of my least favorite questions of all time.
"So what kind of music do you like?"
I really don't like that question. I like music that was written brilliantly and produced marvelously, that entertains me and makes me think. I don't care what "genre" it is. But I hate trying to explain that to people who were just looking for a one-word answer.